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Easter in Chicago – Part 1

April 1st, 2008 · by sarra · 2 Comments

I took Link to Chicago for Easter weekend this year. I had planned to take Link to Chicago for NCAA Basketball weekend so that Alex could watch the games in peace, but apparently it was Easter too.

Thursday morning started bright and early. The Ladybug Light woke Link an hour earlier than usual, but he was pretty excited to fly on an airplane up in the sky, so he was no more cranky than usual. We got to the airport in good time, despite the fact that Alex drove. Link said bye bye to daddy and we headed inside. Check-in went well enough, and we got to skip to the front of the security line. Link was awesome with the whole security thing (he loves taking off his shoes), and then we rode the train to the D gates.

Once at the D gates, I perused the directory for a Starbucks, and found one on the opposite end of the terminal from our gate, but as we had plenty of time we headed over. We stood in line and got our coffee (me) and Special Milk* (Link), and a muffin and made our way to the gate. As we approached our gate, I saw that there was an undocumented Starbucks right next door. Undaunted, Link and I settled in to wait to board the plane. And wait. And wait. The flight was delayed by close to two hours due to a crew scheduling mix-up.

Link was remarkably patient during the wait. He told me a lot that he wanted to go ride the airplane, but he responded pretty well when I told him we had to wait for our turn. During our wait, we saw the FAMU Rattlers’ bowling team playing Monopoly on the floor. Link was fascinated. We went and got some more snacks and changed a stinky diaper. Finally it was our turn to board.

I knew when we booked our flight that the plane was small. I didn’t, however, anticipate that we’d have to go out on the tarmac and climb the stairs that fold out of the door to get on the plane. But that was indeed what happened. I wheeled Link down the escalator, and out on the tarmac. There was a rack near the bottom of the airplane stairs where I deposited the stroller. Unfortunately, I was still laden with the car seat (in the trusty pac back), the diaper bag, Link’s backpack that he refused to wear, and my purse. And Link, of course, needed carrying up those stairs. So I bent down to pick him up and fell over. Glad that I was the last to get on the plane, I gathered my dignity, picked up the boy and climbed the stairs successfully.

Once on the plane, getting the car seat in place and Link strapped in was a breeze. Link was so excited to be on the plane. We looked at the safety instructions and the Skymall catalog, then out the window a bit while we took off. Then he got bored and I was happy to let him watch Thomas and Fireman Sam and Caillou until it was time to land. Once we got to Chicago, Link and I waited until everyone else had gotten off, then we headed into the terminal via the ramp this time (luckily).

After a stop in the restroom, we went to get our bag and our car. Link played in the back seat while I fastened the car seat in, and finally we were on our way. We got to my sister’s house in northern Chicago around 12:30 or so. She was supposed to have been at work, and her roommate was going to let us in. I called the roommate, then Elissa’s cell, then the roommate again. I was a little frustrated. Finally I got a call back from the roommate, and she let us in. Elissa was home sick, but didn’t hear when we had called.

I tried to get Link to take a nap while she took a shower, but he clearly had no intention of napping at that time so we decided to head out for lunch instead. He was pretty good at the restaurant, but then we went to Target to pick up medicine for Elissa and some pull ups and Legos for Link. And that’s when he lost it. He screamed all the way back to Elissa’s apartment. When we got there, I got him to lie down for a nap and Elissa and I spent some time catching up. I decided that we should spend the night there, and head to Joliet on Friday. Link woke after about a 3 hour nap, and then we played quietly for a bit and we all went to bed around 9.

Train tracks

*Special Milk is a tall cold milk with one squirt of vanilla syrup.

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  • 1 alex // Apr 2, 2008 at 10:08 am

    “We got to the airport in good time, despite the fact that Alex drove.”


  • 2 Granny // Apr 7, 2008 at 6:34 am

    I have printed out the Best Buy coupon. Thanks.

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