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Easter in Chicago – Part 2

April 7th, 2008 · by sarra · No Comments

Link slept on an ottoman (bigger than his bed at home!) placed next to my sister’s bed, where she and I slept. I could hear Link rustling around on Friday morning around 5:30, but I ignored him and he stayed quietly there (just like at home). When my sister got up at 6 to get ready for work, I told Link he could get up.

There was supposed to have been a snowstorm overnight, but the ground was clear. We saw Elissa off to work, and then got dressed ourselves. By the time we got packed and ready to go, it had started to snow. I got the suitcase and other bags and Link out to the street without incident, but the snow was driving right into Link’s face and he wasn’t thrilled. We got to the car and headed back to the restaurant we’d had lunch at the previous day.

At the restaurant, I gave Link the choice of plain pancakes, banana pancakes or blueberry pancakes. He chose blueberry. He chose poorly. The dish that came out was huge: About 6 pancakes, overlapping with a huge glop of canned blueberry pie filling and three towers of whipped cream. He wanted nothing to do with it (and I hate blueberries). So I gave him one of my plain pancakes, and ordered some melon, and he ate happily. I didn’t really need two pancakes anyway.

After breakfast we headed toward Chicago. I had decided to take Link to Navy Pier and The Children’s Museum there. Traffic wasn’t too bad, and we got there earlier than I’d anticipated. The parking at Navy Pier is indoors, and you don’t need to go outside at all. I didn’t realize that before I parked, so I had our hats and gloves and everything with me. We walked around the food court and closed shops waiting for the museum to open, and had another Special Milk from the Starbucks.

We were one of the first inside when the museum opened. We checked out the exhibits right by the entrance, but they were a little advanced for him, and not that interesting. I was a little nervous that this might be a bust, but then we headed upstairs and saw the Skyline Exhibit.

Link and I grabbed some materials and set up shop. I helped him make a square, but he was much more interested in stacking the washers on the ends of the bolts, than building anything. So that’s what we did. He kept going back for more washers, until I was afraid he hadn’t left any for other people to use. There was a fantastic view of the lake, and when the weather cleared I could see the planetarium. I think he would have stayed there all day, but I managed to convince him (with help from the alarm on my blackberry) to put our stuff away and see what else was there.

The next thing we saw was the Treehouse Trails. It is a camping exhibit with a stream, a camp-site and the eponymous treehouse, complete with slide. The suggested age range was for kids under 5. Perfect for Link. One part of the exhibit was a treehouse with a rail where you can roll balls along the wall. Link had a blast. Until I caught him hoarding the balls. I told him he had to share, or we’d have to leave. After that, he took an arm-full of balls and started handing them out randomly. “Here you go!” He latched on to the pair of blue ones, and played with them for quite a while. Then we went to the stream, and got all wet there. By then it was pretty late and we needed to head out. We didn’t see any of the other parts of the museum.

My plan was to drive to Joliet (surely the traffic would be light at 1pm) and have lunch, then take a late nap at Aunt Mimi’s. Traffic was horrible. We saw lots of trains, and Link was having fun pointing them out, but eventually he passed out. I amended my plan to take him home to get a nap, then eat.

When I finally got to the gate at Aunt Mimi’s the guard gave me a hard time because I was supposed to have been there on Thursday. I was able to convince him to let me in anyway. Link woke up just as we pulled into the complex. When we got inside her house, we were greeted by Danny, the friendliest cat I’ve ever met. Link was tickled. I took Link into the bedroom and tried to get him to nap, but he was having none of it.


I was a little nervous about having to come back by the guard again, but Link had to eat. So out we went again, and had lunch at a Panera. It was pretty late by then, and he was pretty cranky but I knew it was low blood sugar. He perked right up after lunch. We stopped at the grocery for some staples and snacks, and headed back to the house to play until Aunt Mimi got home from work. This time a new guard was at the gate, and we were challenged again for being there on the wrong day. Once I explained, she let me in.

Aunt Mimi came home from work, and then Grammy came by and we ordered pizza. Link had a nice dinner, a bath and went to bed. I stayed up a bit catching up with them, and then went to bed too.

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