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Easter in Chicago – Part 4

April 22nd, 2008 · by sarra · No Comments

Easter Sunday started out pretty quiet. Link sat and watched Thomas on the iPod and played with his toys in the morning.

After his nap we went to Uncle Jim’s house for the Easter Egg Hunt and Jeremy’s birthday. When we first got there, Link dragged me downstairs so he could play with Owen, Gavin and Connor. It was weird seeing my son in the same place that I spent so many hours playing when I was a kid. After a little while some more kids showed up and Link was content to play with them upstairs while I caught up with the grown-ups.

When the food was ready, I grabbed a little bit of everything and Link and I sat at the kids table (I didn’t even consider sitting at the grown-ups table – old habits die hard, I guess). Poor Link wouldn’t try anything but a dinner roll, so he had bread and water treat.

After the food, Aunt Dean gave out the baskets and stickers to put names on them in preparation for the egg hunt. Link was happily getting his basket ready with the other kids when it happened. He saw Thomas on the TV in the sunroom. All thoughts of egg hunting gone, he abandoned his basket, and walked zombie-like to the television. He didn’t respond at all to entreaties to go hunt eggs. Only after turning it off and promising he could watch later, was I able to get him to agree to hunt eggs with the rest of the kids.

The egg hunt was glorious. Link found about 5 eggs (with a little help), and posed for pictures with the Easter Bunny. After we were pretty sure all the eggs had been found, we went inside to inspect the loot. I let him eat a jellybean right away, and we applied his temporary tattoo. Then I made good on my promise to let him watch Thomas. He watched Thomas for the rest of the afternoon, with an ever changing group of cousins. The other kids filtered in and out, but Link didn’t stray far from the couch until it was time to leave. (Click through to the pictures for added commentary.)

We finally left around 7, and Link got a nice snack and Grammy read his bedtime story before bed. I stayed up pretty late talking to Grammy and Aunt Mimi.

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