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Memorial Day

June 21st, 2008 · by sarra · 2 Comments

Granny and Pop Pop came to visit for Memorial Day weekend. They arrived mid-day on Friday. Around 2:30pm we picked Link up from school and headed to the Southeastern Railway Museum (dubbed by Link, and henceforth called the Trainquarium). He was very happy to see Granny and Pop Pop, and was in a fine mood. We piled into the car, put a DVD in and headed up there. Unfortunately, the train ride wasn’t in operation (they have limited the rides due to fuel costs), but a fine time was had by all. We walked around and through all the trains, and watched the model trains go around too. There is a nice little gift shop there, full of Thomas paraphernalia , but we dodged that bullet by saying it was closed. We spent an hour or so looking around and generally had a great time. Granny and I ducked into the gift shop and got Link some train tattoos* and a t-shirt (neither one branded) to surprise him with later. As we were leaving a real, working train went by. The conductor waved and blew his whistle at us. We got back into the car just in time for the skies to open up.

Saturday morning we went to the Decatur Arts Festival. The morning started with a children’s parade including a fire truck. We brought Link in his wagon. There were stilt walkers and all sorts of fun for kids. There was a playground, and slides. Link went down the slide, but got all wet and muddy (see rain storm ref above). We changed him into clean shorts, and then he wanted to go down the other slide. So after we changed his pants a second time, we decided to dispense with the slides. But there was lots more to do. There were big vats of bubbles, and giant wands. There was a singer playing kids music. There were jugglers, and a balloon lady. There was a nice community garden that we walked around. And best of all, there was a ride on a fire department vehicle. Despite all the fun, Link didn’t have the greatest time. We decided to cut it short and leave pretty early. I think the mud put a bit of a damper on things (ha ha).

Saturday night, Alex and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It was ok. But it was nice to get out for a change.

Sunday afternoon we went to the mall. The intent was to get some pictures taken at the studio there, but Link was having none of it. I got pretty angry with him over it, but I eventually got over it. After the bust at the picture place, we hung out at the fountain, and Link drove his car around the lip. Predictably, the car went in. I managed to reach in and get it, but I think some onlookers were appalled. I was merely amused. We had reservations for dinner at Maggiano’s. Dinner was lovely, but Link was uncooperative there too. All in all, not the best day.

Monday we had fun at home, playing in the sand and watching movies.

*One of our potty training aids has been the promise of a tattoo if he stays dry all day. Daddy has capped the tattoo count to 4 at a time, so we don’t end up with a miniature Ozzy Osbourne.

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  • 1 Granny // Jun 21, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Granny and Pop Pop thought that Link behaved beautifully. The night that the “PARENTS” went to the movies was fun and exceptionally well behaved.
    We love the picture of Link surveying his train domain. G

  • 2 sarra // Jun 22, 2008 at 11:01 am

    Little boys are always better behaved for grandparents than for the “PARENTS.” Grandparents rarely have to tell little boys no.

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