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Six Flags

June 22nd, 2008 · by sarra · 3 Comments

For Alex’s birthday this year, we took Link to six-flags. They have a new Thomas Town area, and he’s finally tall enough to go on some more rides. We didn’t tell him where we were going, and didn’t mention Thomas at all. I figured if he knew there was Thomas there, then we wouldn’t be able to do anything else.

We wanted to be at the park when they opened at 10. As we got close, you could see the roller-coasters, and that got Link pretty excited. Traffic was light, so we ended up arriving about 9:45. Being early was good, because I snagged one of the few spots that was shaded by a tree. We already had tickets, so we got in line with the people waiting to get in. At 10, the gates opened and we went inside. Bugs, Tweety, Daffy and all the rest were near the entrance for pictures, but Link was wary. He waved at Tweety, but wasn’t willing to pose.

We headed toward the train station, but they had most of the back of the park blocked off. So we waited. And waited. There was a rollercoaster running, but Link was too small for that one. I decided to take advantage of the lull and went to get a map. Link went with me. On the way, he noticed a sign with Thomas on it. He said, “I love Thomas.” I responded that they must also love Thomas, that’s why they had a sign. I said that everyone loves Thomas. (I lied).

By the time we got back, they had opened the park. We headed for the train station, but it looked closed, so we went to Bugs Bunny land instead. Inside, there’s the convoy ride that Link has been on ever time we’ve gone in the last two years. This time he was tall enough that I didn’t have to go. After the first circle, they had to stop the ride because a little kid was freaking out. During the time the train was stopped, Link got nervous and started freaking out too, so we let him get off. That made me nervous about how the day was going to go.

We went by some more rides and asked if he wanted to go, but he declined. Then we went to the flying boats. We all went on that ride and Link started feeling better. He still declined the next ride we came to. Then we decided to get in line for the roller coaster. It is the only coaster in the park that Link was tall enough to ride. But apparently there were issues and it wasn’t open yet, so we decided to move along to something else and come back.

We went and rode the cars, the ship and the balloons. Then we went on the carousel. After that we headed back to the roller coaster. It was running and the line hadn’t gotten too long. We got on after only 3 or so cycles. It was short, but Link thought it was awesome. He did great!

Then we broke for lunch. The Johnny Rockets didn’t have grilled cheese, so we got pizza instead. Then we headed for the log flume. Alex was a little nervous, but I was sure it would be a hit. And it was. Link had his hands up in the air, and at the end, he was laughing so hard I had to check and see if he was crying. We got a little wet, but not too bad.

Then we headed for the train. It makes a big loop around the park. The map showed Thomas Town pretty far from the tracks, but you could see it from the ride. When I caught sight of it as we went by, I pointed to something in the other direction to distract Link.

After we took the train all the way around the park, we went on the sky buckets, and over to Thomas Town. I was a little disappointed (it seemed pretty janky to me), but Link seemed happy about it. We rode Thomas twice. Of course, the ride exits through a gift shop filled with Thomas toys and other merch. I was able to make it out of there with nothing more than a sticker book. After that we got some water and headed home. It was hot and late and we were all tired.

I hope that next time we go, Link will have as much fun with the non-Thomas attractions as he did this time. I don’t want Thomas to ruin six-flags for us.

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  • 1 Granny // Jun 22, 2008 at 10:30 am

    Some of us don’t have such a significant Thomas problem. I wonder how long your subterfuge activities will work?

  • 2 sarra // Jun 22, 2008 at 10:59 am

    It’s not that I have a Thomas problem. It’s just that I don’t want Thomas to eclipse the other content. I hope that Link is able to judge the activities available at six flags on their merits, rather than just on the brand or available merch.

    I would be disappointed if the next time we visit, he wanted to spend all his time playing with the train table in the Thomas gift shop rather than doing other things that he can’t do in his own home.

  • 3 Granny // Jun 22, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Well, yes. But your fight against brad names is, I fear, doomed. Let’s hope that I am wrong.

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