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Halloween in Review

November 9th, 2008 · by sarra · No Comments

Sorry for the late update, but here’s the lowdown on the Kell Family Halloween 2008.

The weekend before Halloween, we went to Boo at the Zoo. This is the second year we’ve gone. It was a hit again this year. Link had a great time trick or treating, and eating his candy while we waited in line to ride the train. I don’t think he’s ever had that much sugar in one month, much less one evening. It was an omen of the week to come.

Link wore his fireman costume, the same one from last year. After several trips to the costume department at Target, Link wouldn’t agree to wear anything (including the Thomas costume!), so I was glad I still had it. Once it came time to dress up and trick or treat, Link was enthusiastic about wearing it.

Granny and Pop Pop came in to visit for a few days (including Halloween). They arrived on Wednesday, which was coincidentally Pop Pop’s 65th birthday. We picked up Link on the way home from the airport, and that evening we went to Fire of Brazil for a special dinner. Link wasn’t really into anything they served, but I brought a few things for him and he enjoyed the ambiance (luckily kids under 5 are free). After we gorged ourselves on meat, we came home for Pop Pop’s special cake.

Special cake

Link enjoyed his small piece so much that he ate about half of Granny’s piece too.

Thursday I had to work, but Link stayed home with Alex, Granny and Pop Pop, and I was assured fun was had by all. When I got home Link was still napping, so I cleaned out the pumpkins for the Jack o’Lanterns. When Link woke up, I asked if he wanted to help me carve the pumpkins. He stayed for perhaps 5 minutes before he got bored and went to play Lego with Pop Pop. I made a Dwight o’Lantern, and a Link o’Lantern.

Friday Link went to school. There was trick or treating at the nearby hospital* in the morning, and then a party in the afternoon. The four of us stopped by the party, and then brought Link home a bit early. I made dinner while Link and Pop Pop played. We started getting the first trick or treaters while we were still eating, and Link was chomping at the bit to go out. I dressed up in my witch costume again, and Granny and Pop Pop joined Link and me on our adventure.

We got about a block away when Link decided that he didn’t want to walk anymore. I coolly informed him that only big boys get to trick or treat and big boys walk. He decided he wanted to walk after all. We headed up the next block to the church about 3/4 of a mile away which was hosting a trunk or treat. There were very few houses that were decorated and lit on the way there, so only a few stops on the way.

As we were walking, Link was trying to negotiate how much candy he’d get to eat when we got home. He asked if he could have one candy corn (he had just gotten a small package of candy corn from one of the houses). I told him yes. Then he asked, “How about 2 candy corns?” I told him he could have one package of candy. He seemed satisfied with that.

Once we got to the church, we went through the gauntlet and got our loot. Then Link said he was done and ready to go home. Pop Pop volunteered to carry the now heavy pumpkin, and he promised not to eat anything.

When we got home, Link trick or treated at all the neighbors’ houses we didn’t hit on the way out. All of them had buckets of candy on their porches with a note to take one (or 2). We made sure Link kept to the rules. The final stop of the night was our house. Link rang the doorbell and yelled, “trick or treat, Daddy!” We went inside and Link got to eat his one promised piece of candy. Pop Pop had been true to his word and didn’t eat any. Link chose a mini-Snickers bar. After that we brushed and flossed and went to bed.

Since then, he’s gotten maybe one or two more pieces of candy. It’s still sitting in his Pumpkin in the dining room, but I think he’s forgotten all about it. I think maybe it’s time to get rid of it.

*Link’s school is affiliated with the hospital, and many of the other parents work there.

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